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#TheresNoNeed for Stupid Behaviour During European Championships #EURO2016


With the European Championships days away, it’s an exciting time of year for all the football fans around the world to get together and support their favourite team. Unfortunately, when it comes to the crazy atmosphere and alcohol consumption, typical hooligan behviour follows.

Following from the #TheresNoNeed campaign, Road Respect’s latest video campaign focuses on potentially dangerous behaviours that football fans may choose to do when out celebrating the football.

The video highlights typical drunken and excited behaviour, where some decide to drive home and that should not happen but unfortunately does. Although this can happen on regular nights, the excitement of the Euros certainly makes it too easy for people to go straight to the pub from work and then drive home. While it is very exciting to have the European Championships close to home, too much fun and forgetting important factors like arranging a safe ride home afterwards or having a point of contact if anything goes wrong. The video has a humorous aspect to it, but also highlights the importance of making sure you don’t do anything stupid because your head is in the chatotic atmosphere.

At any time of the year, watching sports and having a drink in hand is completely acceptable but one too many can change the end of your night forever. The European Championships is a very exciting time of year, and we can sometimes get lost in all the excitement but it is the most important time to remember not to get lost in it all, and not act out by doing silly behaviours.

Road Respect asks you you to drink responsibly during this year’s European Championship, and always plan your way home BEFOREHAND.



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