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All Grown Up – What Bad Driving Habits Will Your Kids Copy From You? #TheresNoNeed

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It is no secret that kids copy what adults do and say – it is how they learn. But have you really noticed what your bad habits are? And would you want your children to behave the same way? It can be something as trivial as not liking broccoli so you don’t add that to your food shopping list, meaning your kids don’t get the chance to decide if they like it or not. But what about your bad driving habits?

Most drivers have some type of driving habit, whether it is not pulling the hand brake up at a stop and controlling the car with a ‘bite’, not using indicators when turning right or left, or using one hand on the steering wheel – all potentially dangerous driving behaviours that can cause serious incidents on the road.If you frequently drive in your car with your kids in the back seat, they are more likely to be observing you (as the driver) on how you get to places in the car, as well as observing the obstacles in the outside world. It is often noted that children learn and remember things much quicker when they’re younger, and as they grow up meaning what they see and hear are usually their first notions of saying or doing something.

You certainly wouldn’t want your child to grow up with the mentality that driving in knowingly dangerous ways is okay and safe, so why would you teach them that? They may well have professional driving instructors to teach them how to drive safely on the roads, but in the back of their mind, they will already assume what they think is ‘correct, safe driving’ based on what they have seen as a passenger.

Road Respect reinforces the dangers of making silly but obviously dangerous decisions by saying #TheresNoNeed. There’s no need to take that selfie at the traffic lights. There’s no need to overtake someone and arrive at your destination 2 minutes sooner, and there’s no need to have your phone in reaching distance when driving. Don’t regret your driving decisions when someone reminded you that there was no need.



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