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When Trolley Rage Turns To Road Rage…


In an ideal world, we’d all be calm and polite drivers that all follow the rules of the road but unfortunately, that doesn’t exist and not everyone has the patience or respect as a driver. As a learner driver, we follow the rules and driving etiquettes that our driving instructors teach us, and lesson by lesson, we quickly learn the best practise of a great driver. Unfortunately, when we’ve passed our driving tests to be deemed as a safe driver on the road, we tend to pick up bad driving habits – some worse than others.

Using our phones, drinking and eating at the wheel, driving fast, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and shouting abuse at others are all behaviours that some of us encounter on our own and witness from others – sometimes more often than it should be. So what happens when you combine some of the most dangerous behaviours in everyday life?

Introducing our final video of the series, we look at ‘trolley rage’ – contextualising the behaviours of what a bad driver could do in a supermarket. In retrospect, nobody would behave publicly like this in a supermarket so why would you do this as a driver?

According to Ingenie, 70% of young drivers between 17-25 have been a victim of road rage in the past 12 months, and 65% don’t consider themselves to be a road rager, while 84% have admitted to one or more forms of road rage. The top 3 road rage triggers are other driving behaviours, running late and congestion and the most common forms of road rage are talking under your breath, beeping your horn and flashing your lights.

As drivers, we can’t avoid the behaviours of other bad drivers on the road but we can certainly learn from them. To understand the consequences of what their behaviours hold and we (you) can be a better a driver.

Using your phone whilst driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do, thats why it became illegal in 2003, yet so many people still use their phones behind the wheel. Unless you have your engine turned off and you are parked in a designated parking area you could legally be fined for using your phone whilst driving, even if your car is not moving.

All road’s in the UK have a speeding limit, it is dangerous and illegal to drive above that speed limit. The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph.

If someone was to start f’ing and blinding at you on the road how would you feel? Great Britain has the highest level of road rage in the world!

The legal limit is 80 milligrams of alcohol for every 100 millilitres of blood in your body. 35 micrograms of alcohol for every 100 millilitres of breath. 107 milligrams of alcohol for every 100 millilitres of urine. Even if you don’t feel drunk if you exceed these legal limits you can be arrested for drink driving. And you can still be over the limit the day after you were drinking, if you feel hungover, or you have had a heavy night of drinking before it’s best to leave the car at home.

Many people do these things yet they don’t consider the consequences of their actions. You could lose your licence, your job, your family or your life. And whats worse is that if you are drunk or distracted behind the wheel it’s not just you you put in danger it’s everyone in your car, and anyone who you encounter on the road. Do you wan’t to be responsible for ruining someone else’s life?




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