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Even the most extreme adrenalin junkies have their limits…

We all like to live a little dangerously sometimes, sky diving, cliff jumping, walking on the edge but you don’t […]

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Overtaking on a 30mph road? Answering that call? Snapchat speeds? #TheresNoNeed

It’s not very often you see a young teenager out there that doesn’t have a smartphone attached to their hand, […]

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There’s No Escape! #RRNoEscape

There’s no escape from Northumbria Police! It looks like it is going to be a mad dash for the police […]

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How long should you wait after drinking to drive?

We all know you shouldn’t drink then drive, but did you know that you probably also shouldn’t drink the morning after! […]

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Why You Need To #BeHomeForChristmas

Tis the season to be jolly, but regional road safety campaign Road Respect is launching a hard-hitting drink driving campaign […]

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Don’t do this at Christmas…

IT’S CHRISTMAS! (Cue everyone singing Slade) Since it’s christmas, we decided to tell you all the things you shouldn’t do […]

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Snapchatting whilst driving? #TheresNoNeed

We can make simple decisions that we think won’t make a huge impact, but we don’t know that. The truth […]

Mistakes Happen when you’re still drunk…

When you’re still drunk from the night before… mistakes happen. Some are more serious than others…

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transportation and vehicle concept - man using phone while driving the car

Do you agree with those that didn’t think it was dangerous?

In 2015, a staggering 3 in 10 drivers didn’t think it was dangerous to use any type of mobile phone at the wheel.

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