• UK’s most popular driving music

    Tesco Compare users respond: UK’s most popular driving music. What do Brits listen to most while driving? The results of a recent competition held by Tesco Compare showed that, from postcode to postcode, Queen are the champions and by some distance, too. In July 2012,…

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  • Adam Ivison crowned Road Respect NE Young Driver of the Year 2013

    Road Respect finished off Road Safety Week on Sunday with a tense final on the track for the NE Young Driver of the Year 2013 competition. With seconds between the finalists, Adam Ivison eventually took the crown in the AutoSolo Time Trial and the prize…

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  • Freak Car Accidents

    There have been more than 20 freak accidents in Australia this year alone. Leanne and her partner Warren have had first hand experience when a one-and-a-half-tonne ute crashed into their bedroom. The accident occurred just past midnight when Leanne was in bed, the ute smashed…

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  • Global Road Safety Infographic

    Take a look at this infographic developed and designed by Floow. We all have a responsibility as road users to keep the Global Death rate down by driving responsibly and safely at all times. This Infographic displays the horrendous facts surrounding road safety and the…

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  • New proposals to improve driver training

    New government proposals to improve driver training – Confused.com The government expects car insurance costs to come down thanks to new proposals aimed at improving the safety of new drivers. The government is planning a raft of changes which would see new drivers receive better…

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Germany v Argentina!

It’s World Cup Final Day! Predictably, the Three Lions crashed out weeks ago, so today the La Albicelestes of Argentina take on er… the Germans of Germany (They don’t bother with nicknames).  But how do these two countries square-up when it comes to driving? We’ve decided…

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