• Deaths and serious injuries down a quarter near speed cameras

    Analysis of data for 551 fixed speed cameras in 9 areas shows that on average the number of fatal and serious collisions in their vicinity fell by more than a quarter (27%) after their installation. There was also an average reduction of 15% in personal…

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  • Newcastle Future Hybrid Cycle Lane Proposal

    Newcastle City council has put forward a proposal for a better cycling, pedestrian and road structure all around. Some of our European cousins adopt a better cycling culture and this proposal sees some of those design features being implemented in the proposal. The proposal for…

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  • Honest note left after car crash results in an unexpected ‘sweet’ conversation

    This iPhone Conversation Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that nice people exist — even in Los Angeles. And that when you’re nice to people, they will want to buy you a drink, even when they’ve just hit your…

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  • Cycling Safety Tips

    Stop at red lights. It’s safer and could save you a £50 fine Stay central on narrow roads. Try  to ride away from the gutter. If the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass you safely, it might be safer to ride towards the…

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  • Alternative Road Signs

    We’ve all been there – nose in the Highway Code book, trying to remember what on earth that squiggly line means before the driving theory test tomorrow – and what’s the difference between a triangle and a circle again? It seems years after passing, some…

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Germany v Argentina!

It’s World Cup Final Day! Predictably, the Three Lions crashed out weeks ago, so today the La Albicelestes of Argentina take on er… the Germans of Germany (They don’t bother with nicknames).  But how do these two countries square-up when it comes to driving? We’ve decided…

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