• Car buyers haggling almost £1,000 off average price

    According to research, British motorists haggle an average of almost £1,000 off the price of a car, with men driving the harder deal. Buyers haggle an average off £1,000 of the price of a car – Telegraph There’s good news for those in the market…

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  • Time for Twenty

    It’s ‘Time for 20mph’ as the UK’s normal residential speed limit.  Under Secretary of State for Transport Norman Baker supports more 20mph, as does Shadow Transport Minister Maria Eagle. Over 12m people live in places like Birmingham where 90% of roads are going 20mph. Conference…

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  • Parking lot barrier only opens if drivers pass a breathlyzer test

    Belgium’s Responsible Young Drivers initiative has developed a car park barrier that only opens if drivers pass a breathalyzer test. We’ve recently seen a couple of examples of campaign using innovative ideas to curb drink driving, such as special labels on Steigl bottles and AmBev’s…

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  • World’s Maddest Anti-Drink Driving Advert?

    Is this the most eye-catching anti-drink driving billboard ever? It’s in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Says the sign by the victim: “Your body could have been here”  

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  • Alternative Road Signs

    We’ve all been there – nose in the Highway Code book, trying to remember what on earth that squiggly line means before the driving theory test tomorrow – and what’s the difference between a triangle and a circle again? It seems years after passing, some…

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Germany v Argentina!

It’s World Cup Final Day! Predictably, the Three Lions crashed out weeks ago, so today the La Albicelestes of Argentina take on er… the Germans of Germany (They don’t bother with nicknames).  But how do these two countries square-up when it comes to driving? We’ve decided…

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