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Jack Bench

When TEXTING Leads to BAD Situations…

So you’re catching up on the latest gossip or news with your best friend from the night before. Texting is […]

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On the road


Extreme Torque

Sunday 5th July 2015


When you’re in a hurry…

So you’re late… the speed limit’s 40, you’re doing 43. You’re tetchy, you want to put your foot-down… sound familiar? […]

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When you’re still drunk from the night before…

We’ve all been there. Too many drinks the night before, wake-up feeling rough-as… but how many of us have risked […]

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blog hire car

You can’t pick up points for speeding in a hire car: Myth or Fact?

It’s not your car so surely speeding doesn’t count, right? The hire company wouldn’t tell anyone, would they? Well… The […]

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blog mobile phone

It is illegal – and dangerous – to use your phone at a petrol station: Myth or Fact?

You’ve probably seen the signs at a petrol station asking people to not use their mobile phones in the area. […]

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Mistakes Happen…

When you’re still drunk from the night before… mistakes happen. Some are more serious than others…


Reports are in from NETV News – families waking up to no Christmas presents under the tree. See the news […]

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