• Driven to Distraction

    We can all get distracted at times but we need to mitigate these distractions by making sure we follow certain procedures. Things like inputting a destination before a journey or creating a driving playlist (if you must listen to music) all mitigate the risks of…

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  • Freak Car Accidents

    There have been more than 20 freak accidents in Australia this year alone. Leanne and her partner Warren have had first hand experience when a one-and-a-half-tonne ute crashed into their bedroom. The accident occurred just past midnight when Leanne was in bed, the ute smashed…

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  • Drink driving rules tightened to improve road safety

    The most dangerous drink drivers will now have to pass a medical before they are allowed back on the roads under a change in the law announced today by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond. The changes, which come into force from 1 June 2013, mean…

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  • North East Councils get electric car charging point grants

    Councils will install scores more electric car charging points with more than £1m in grants from the Government. Northumberland County Council is the region’s biggest beneficiary, given £997,500 to build a network of charging points, mainly in town centres and at the county’s tourist attractions….

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  • Cycling Safety Tips

    Stop at red lights. It’s safer and could save you a £50 fine Stay central on narrow roads. Try  to ride away from the gutter. If the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass you safely, it might be safer to ride towards the…

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Germany v Argentina!

It’s World Cup Final Day! Predictably, the Three Lions crashed out weeks ago, so today the La Albicelestes of Argentina take on er… the Germans of Germany (They don’t bother with nicknames).  But how do these two countries square-up when it comes to driving? We’ve decided…

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