• Russia: Underwear protest targets drivers

    It takes scantily-clad women at the roadside to make some Russian drivers slow down, it seems. Young women posed in underwear at the side of a motorway in Nizhniy Novgorod region, east of Moscow, holding speed limit signs in front of them. And Channel One…

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  • Global Road Safety Infographic

    Take a look at this infographic developed and designed by Floow. We all have a responsibility as road users to keep the Global Death rate down by driving responsibly and safely at all times. This Infographic displays the horrendous facts surrounding road safety and the…

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  • Crowdsourcing road safety campaign positions car wreckage in danger zones

    A driving safety campaign in Russia is asking the public to vote for where in the city they would like to position the objects of horrific crashes: smashed up cars. According to statistics published by Russian traffic police, 27,991 people died in road accidents in…

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  • Local authorities to be given new powers to fine motorists

    Las to be given new powers to fine motorists Motorists face new fines for traffic offences under plans to transfer powers from police to local authorities, according to the Telegraph. The Telegraph report says that local authorities have lobbied the Government for the right to…

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  • Road Respect is making more impact with more people!

    The Road Respect campaign has continued to grow over the last year with 48% recognition, up from 45% in the Northumbria Police force area and with 1 in 2 drivers who has seen Road Respect saying the campaign has had a positive impact on their…

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Germany v Argentina!

It’s World Cup Final Day! Predictably, the Three Lions crashed out weeks ago, so today the La Albicelestes of Argentina take on er… the Germans of Germany (They don’t bother with nicknames).  But how do these two countries square-up when it comes to driving? We’ve decided…

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